Roland, Dwarf Adventurer

Name: Roland
Stock: Dwarf
Class: Adventurer
Level: 1
Alignment: Law
Age: 35
Raiment: Worn leather armor, various shiny baubles, shield with a Rust Monster rampant on a field of grey.

Home: Religious Bastion
Parents: Deceased
Mentor: Daniel (Theologian)
Friend: Leopold (Cartographer)
Enemy: Flemp the Halfling Burgler

Belief: “Two eyes for an eye.”
Instinct: Always note the grade or slope of any location.
Goal: “Successfully complete my first Delve.”

Allies and Additional Enemies:

Will: 3
Health: 5
Nature: 5 (Dwarf- Delving, Crafting, Avenging a Grudge)

Circles: 4
Resources: 0

Armorer 2
Cartographer 2
Dungeoneer 4
Fighter 3
Laborer 2
Orator 2
Persuader 2
Scout 2

Wises: Dwarven Chronicles-wise, Trap-wise
Traits: Born of Earth and Stone 1, Defender 1


	Keepsake (Holy Symbol, 1D Teasure), worn 1
	Leather Gloves, worn 1
	Mace, carried 1
	Shield, carried 1
	Leather Armor, worn 1
	Rope, carried 1
	Satchel, worn 2
	Weapon: Mace, worn 1
	Skin: Sacramental Wine, full 1
	Sack, Small, pack 1
	Torches, pack 1
	Rations, Preserved, pack 1
	Steel-Toed Boots, worn 1

Roland is the typical Dwarven Adventurer: a precarious balance of righteous Dwarven justice and stubbornness constantly at odds with an insatiable appetite to delve.

here is my rendition of Roland

That is a powerful ensign that Roland bears!

@damiller thanks for the picture! he looks ready to head off into the dark.

@luke well he only starts out with leather… might as well make it look intentional!

All rust monsters should be “rampant”!

I’m curious: is “Successfully complete my first Delve” as a Goal legal? I don’t know how Goals work, exactly, but it seems like most any character would be rewarded for completing a dungeon delve.

@blizack a “Delve” in the game Roland would be played in is a guild-sanctioned activity. so in that instance he would be evaluated for membership, etc. if that clears it up for ya.