Roleplay "weapon"

Hi everyone!

During our last MG game we had a problem interpreting the rules about the +1d given by roleplay during an argument. I’ve tried searching the forums but I haven’t found anything related…

The part we’ve trouble intepreting is the last bit:

Once chosen, the bonus die sticks to that action for the remainder of the argument. If playing in a team, it sticks to that action for the team, not just the character.

Does it mean that a mice can get +1d from roleplay once per argument? Or just that a team cannot use this bonus multiple times for the same action? :confused:


That means that you can choose if you want to add that +1D to your Attack, Defend, Maneuver, or Feint action. Once you’ve chosen which action to add it to (say, you added it to Attack), it gives a +1D to that action (in this case, the Attack action) for the rest of the conflict. This is like the Sword weapon, only it’s called “Roleplay” for Arguement Conflicts.

What this all means is that while some “weapons” add to a particular action (like Promises give +1D to Defend), the Roleplay “weapon” allows YOU to chose where to give the +1D bonus for the rest of the conflict. Even better, on the next conflict, you can assign that +1D bonus to a DIFFERENT action of YOUR choosing! Very versatile!

thank you very much Ice, now it’s all clear! :slight_smile:

Glad to help! By clearing it up for you, I also affirm to myself that I understand how things work, and it took me a while to get a grasp of how the game mechanic works.