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So quick one is there anywhere I have missed for getting 1st (or preferably 2nd) Edition action deck for conflicts digitally ?

The other question was @luke and @Thor is there any-lan to create a “The Grind Deck” for Roll20 using your cool wheels? The reason I ask is that similar progress clocks exist as decks for other rpgs and think it would be really cool to have a visual reminder to scare the players about when they are about to take conditions.

Cheers and loving the latest version of the 2nd edition PDFs

Hi Ian. Thanks!

We haven’t released anything like that yet, but I know a number of people have made their own.

We’ve hired someone to make a 2nd ed character sheet on R20 and it’s available now. There are still some bugs to work out, but it’s great! I would like to provide more R20 assets, but we won’t have the bandwidth to think about it until the character sheet is done and we get 2nd ed out the door.


Thanks for getting back to me Thor. Completely understand.

And yep already using the sheet on Roll20 and its great.

Thanks again

You can find some Roll20 assets under the pinned messages in the #tb-resources channel at

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