Rolling scripting

In MG, you script three phases in one go in a conflict. Would it possible to change this so that you scripted the phase after next at the start of each phase? Essentially, you would be scripting continually one phase in advance.

If anyone knows Wings of War, a similar change to this was made when they went from WW1 to WW2 planes.

Is it possible? Yes. Is it interesting to play? No. It’s boring. There’s no planning, no tension, no unforeseen results. If you want to resolve that way, just resolve with versus tests.

Given that MG conflicts are supposed to be team oriented, removing the three volleys turns it into an IGOYOUGO situation. The system as it stands right now, with only four actions, is pretty shallow. It’s fairly easy to predict what your opponent is going to do and out maneuver him. And that’s what makes it interesting.

I think he means “Between phase 1 and 2, script phase 3; between 2 and 3, script 4”

So it would look like
Script 1-2
play 1
script 3
play 2
script 4
play 3
script 5
play 4

Luke, your response implies you’re thinking
Script 1
Play 1
script 2
play 2
script 3…
which would be boring.

I’ve been thinking it might be nice to do
Script 1-3
play 1
script 4
play 2
script 5
play 3
script 6

and one of my players was thinking likewise.

In our playtest, usually it was each mouse taking one action per exchange, and as we had four players, someone was always having to sit out the exchange. We liked handling group conflicts this way; there was a lot of excitement in deciding which action each mouse would take and who would have to sit out each round. I can see the fun of this tactical dynamic being lost if the players are planning only one action in advance, rather than having to gamble on groups of three.

Daniel, we really need to get you a copy of the rules. 'Cause those aren’t playtest rules, those are canon now!

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Finally, I got my notice of shipment today. I’ve been denying myself the PDF to make having the book that much sweeter.

I think doing this would slow down the game. And doing three at a time has more of a feel of coming up with a plan. Especially in MG, you go through the actions very quickly, debating an action between each one would release a lot of the tension I think.

As Aramis points out, my idea was that you would still be scripting two phases ahead. However, instead of scripting 3 phases at once, you script one phase at a time. This means that the time from scripting to action is the same - 2 phases - and not variable - 1 to 3 phases - as it is currently.

Good point, thanks.