Rookie RPGer looking for his first PBEM Session

I’ve been over the rulebook twice, and have already created a character that I really love…but I know that experience is what makes the difference. So I was wondering if I could join any patrols or sessions. I am willing to learn, and hope to not be a nuisance.
I guess I should have added the character I made, just to get some pointers on Character Creation and such.
(I have also decided to write down comments in character to help me develop his personality)

Name: Bernheim
Fur Color: Gray

Friend: Finn (Miller in Shaleburrow)
Gathering grain to make the drinks, it isn’t suprising that Finn and I grew close in the pass years.

Enemy: Sprucetuck scientists
A complicated tale, but it involves the delivery of alcohol, a…clumsy mouse, and a open flame that the mouse was carrying. Needless to say, I’m not welcomed at Sprucetuck.

Parents: Prichard(Father) Glenora (Mother) Both Brewers
Met while harvesting wheat, those two managed to rise from labors to members of a territory sized brewing guild.

Artisan Tuile(Baker)
She was like a second mother to me…with the bonus that Tuile could actually make edible bread.

Mentor: Paulus (Fighter)
Paulus taught me everything I needed to know about fighting off animals and other mice. After the accident…he could only tutor me from the sidelines, and not actually spar with me.

Cloak Color: Light Blue
When being promoted, Paulus thought it showed my care-free attitude and my love of home. I don’t get it, but he said I will one day.

Character Concept: Aloof yet Protective
Aloof?! Sure I don’t exactly like rushing into things, but it only makes me prepared for the work ahead. All work and no play makes the mind dull, right? But when I have to protective what I have been entrusted with…watch out!

Guard Rank: GuardMouse
Nature: 4
Birthplace: Shaleburrow
Lovely town, should try some ale if you visit.

Skill: StoneMason
Always been told that you build stone if you have the paws of a shaleburrow; Why deny them that?

Trait: Open-minded
All mice deserve equal treatment, no matter what!

Natural Talent: Carpenter:
All that wood at the west of town? I couldn’t help but get into crafting. Sold many of my creations at the brewery, and got the admiration of my Mom and Pap.

Parents Trade: Brewers
My Pap always told me that a fine drink is one that doesn’t get you drunk on the first sip, but yet has the decency to make you warm on the last drop. Always thought that adage was strange, but I gave brewing a shot.

Convincing: Orator
Bards always coming by the local inn, often listen to them tell stories. I talked them into giving me lessons on spinning the tongue, and even managed to pick up lute playing!

Senior Artisan: Baker
Tuile was the first mouse I met in Lockhaven…You should have seen how beautiful she was at the gate! I often tried to focus on what I was doing while I was with her, but spent most of my days eating up the bread I burned.

Mentor Focus: Fighter
Paulus knew I wasn’t that strong, so he trained me day and night, constantly forcing me to better myself, and told me of tales of old where he fought off many beasts.

Guard Skills:

2 survivalist
With my knowledge in food and drink, I kept a constant watch on what is edible in the wilderness. Managed to put my carpentry skills to use as well, what with creating makeshift shelters in the middle of nowhere.

1 haggler
Always keep a silver tongue, my Mom said. Don’t know why one must have a tongue made of silver, but I guess it taught me how to smooth talk mice.

3 fighter
Paulus…his training did not go to waste.

Specialty: Survivalist
Always keep a plan when in the wilds.

Wise skills: Shaleburrow wise
I know it like the back of my paw!

Tenderpaw wise
I like to keep a close eye on them, making sure they keep heed of what is most important in their lives, and to celebrate every day of it.

Resource rating: 5
Guard Circles: 3

Innate Quality: Defender

Belief: “No Mouse should be ignored”
Instinct: “Keep watch of the youngest mouse with me and keep a musing in tow”