Rope as supplies?

sorry to cover the forum in newbie questions.

So I know if a player uses supplies to aid with a test, he gets +1D and the supplies are consumed.

In a dungeoneer test, if the player has rope I would want to make the test easier. Rope is also listed in the book as a supply for Dungeoneer. I just find it hard to justify the rope being consumed to my players. Using a rope to climb doesn’t destroy it. By its nature it’s reusable. People untie it and keep going.

How do you generally handle rope as a climbing supply?

Dungeoneer skill tools: Not consumed; “You have the bare minimum tools needed for your skills in your pack.”
Rope used as tools: +1D, re-usable
Rope as supplies: +1D, consumed (GM’s call on how much of that 50’ is used up)
Rope used during a Good Idea: No test, may be consumed

Oof. Must have missed it. Thanks!

Okay, apologies for the thread necromancy here. It was my understanding from the book that the “tools” required for skills don’t provide a bonus, they just count as a factor if they are absent. Based on that reading, in order to get a +1D bonus form using rope, a dungeoneer would have to consume some of it, as a supply. I’m looking at page 34, “Necessary tools for skills”.

That is correct.

Right, so in your above post, what are you referencing when you write, “Rope used as tools: +1D, re-usable”, if skill tools don’t provide +1D?

I am hung up a bit (har har) on the rope rules as well.

I’d think in a dungeoneering climbing situation, not having rope at all would be a -1D (inadequate tools). It’s hard to call when it should give a +1D and be used as a supply however. I suppose it comes down to what the players describe they doing.

As a rock climber who owns no ropes, I think there’s a fundamental flaw in ‘rope is a tool’ thinking. Only climbing or rappelling the most sheer surfaces requires it… and also requires a means to top- or bottom-belay yourself, which means grappling hook or spikes with loops. Show up with just a rope, and it’s not so much “helping” you or being a tool as it is inherently required to lower you at a rate safer than falling velocity.

Further, I’d say something like a “Climbing Kit” would be logical for providing an actual bonus… but only for tests to avoid damage from a fall!

Without a partner and/or additional gear, rope isn’t going to actually help you climb in most situations; and in those where it does actually help you climb, it’s mandatory (implying no +1, much like Shield Use doesn’t get a bonus if you use a shield).
As for descents, a slip-knot, a ‘pulley-like’ fulcrum (e.g., a tree or stalagmite) or a partner and a rope is sufficient kit, if the rope is long enough–greater than double the height of the current pitch. The rope is never consumed unless it is rigged as a permanent anchor (i.e., no fulcrum, not double-length of pitch) and you never go back up it.