Routine test and Greed advancement

On p:123 gold in the greed and routine test section it says:"…when the attribute is at exponent 5 or higher, filling up any two of the three test requirements-routine, difficult or challenging-counts toward advancement."

What does it mean? I’m asking because it seems to me that after exponent 5 on the advancement table, the routine test are not used anymore. So how does it apply here? What “…filling up any two of the three test counts toward advancement” means?? I feel like after exponent 5 you only use difficult and challenging like a skill…

Thanks for your help!

It means exactly what it says: If greed is at five or higher, and you fill up two of the three requirements, then the attribute advances. Greed is the exception to the rule that routines no longer count towards advancement once you reach exponent 5.

Ok! So when it says requirement, it means the logs/dots on the sheet so when 4 routines and 4 difficult or 4 routine and 3 difficult are filled it advance…?

The number of routines required is equal to the current exponent. The book should cover all of this right there where it discusses Greed. I suggest re-reading the whole thing.

Speaking of Greed advancement I always struggle with what test to mark when making a Greed check or going for I Must Have It and what not. The text says when those come into play they count towards advancement, but I’m not sure how. And if I make a Greed test for something and fail and invoke I Must Have It is that 2 advances or just one?

Example from last night:
I saw someone as standing between me and holding onto/increasing my power in the community so I made an initial Greed check (B8 Steel vs my B9 Greed) and failed, then I invoked I Must Have It and started beating up on another Dwarf. After the scene ended I consulted the book, but I really wasn’t sure what test(s) I should have marked down.

Does that steel test count as a greed check making it a Challenging test for Greed? Does invoking I Must Have It change that at all?

I feel you man I have the same questionning it ain’t clear in that section…or it is too clear so we can’t get it…like it’s right in our faces.

I’m sure I had the answer at one point, but we just back to a campaign after an almost 2-year hiatus and I feel like I’ve forgotten so much about being a dwarf!