Rue de Sovoie

Hey all. So @luke convinced me to post a play report from a recent ‘campaign’ I ran. Unfortunately, I’d like to preface it with two points before I get into the story.

  1. We began before the material on moments was released and, not being familiar with the source material - the history that is, we decided to say it was December of 1647. Maybe we would plan on starting January 1648 as we continued but we didn’t get there. That leads me to my next point.

  2. We played multiple sessions but didn’t get to finish the scenario. I got sick and was hospitalized at the end of the Spring and then we took a hiatus throughout the summer. Don’t worry, Im ok now.

So let’s get to it then.

We played with myself (the GM) and three player characters. We only interacted with the base skills system this first session. The motif of the group was a bit hard to get together for everyone so we settled on ‘they were all childhood friends and were getting back together again after years apart.’

Session 1:

Our characters, Bartleby - a Clerk for the Sorbonne Press, works for Monsieur Guillaume Toussaint. Valentin - a Filou on the streets of Paris has only recently swindled Monsieur Toussaint of his fancy cloak. And Manon Describie - a down on his luck Soldier, has returned to Paris early, seeking refuge from the horrors of the war to the east.

As the curtain rises on a dark, snowy night in December we discover that, Agnolo, a childhood friend of the group has wound up dead in a back alley off of Rue de Sovoie.

Bartleby learns from Monsieur Toussaint that a new client, a Monsieur Jean Rutreau, is coming by the finish up some paperwork to complete the purchase of an estate on the outskirts of Paris.

Valentin meets in a pub with his sister, Margot who was out late looking for him, warning him of impending dangers in the city and not to stay out late. Only just earlier did he discover that Monsieur Toussaint’s cloak contained a shiny golden signet ring.

Manon arrived at the flat of his niece, Elise and learned the happy news that she has accepted the engagement offer from a suave French solider named Pierre. Manon gives his blessing under the condition an acceptable dowry can be paid by Monsieur Pierre.

Startled by the sudden death of his childhood friend, Bartleby takes it upon himself to investigate the location Agnolo was discovered, but is unable to find any evidence as he is interrupted by Manon. By coincidence though, Manon discovers a gold signet ring in the thawing snow.

Valentin, who has declared he never really like Angolo, only putting up with him at best, spends his days on the Isle de la Cite, among the second estate coming and going from Notre Dame. He’s able to get a purse of coins from an unsuspecting madam, but at the cost of misplacing his tools.

Manon and Bartleby discuss drawing up a contract for Elise’s engagement and agree to meet later that evening at the Sorbonne Press.

Bartleby overhears Monsieur Toussaint and Monsieur Rutreau with their contract for the Toussaint Estate and finds out several historical books of note are included in the deal. Something is over heard about the name Allogenes and the Coptic language. As Monsieur Rutreau leaves, Bartleby happens a notice he wears a gold signet ring.

When evening comes Manon makes his way through the city streets to meet Barteby at Sorbonne Press but is met by two gentlemen dressed to conceal. Taking cover in an alley, Manon discovers his assailants are none other than the mercenary Capitan Turenne looking for retribution.


Session 2

In this session we had the same players/characters and interacted with the skills system as well as combat and the exertion table.

We opened the next session with Manon ambushed by his assailants. Wounded, he was able to fight them off as Captain Turenne ran off. Bloodied, but unbroken Manon wandered the streets and wound up on Bartleby’s doorstep.

I remember Margot comes to Valentin about a debt she owes a gang boss but is unable to pay. Valentin meets up with him and agrees to break into the very same estate that Monsieur Rutreau just purchased. Bringing back the book within will clear his sister’s debt. I remember that Valentin sneaks out of the city and into the countryside where he finds the newly purchased estate boarded up, but guarded by soldiers of fortune. In a clever move, Valentin sneaks into a nearby estate’s barn and steals a cow. Taking some hay, he sets the cow ablaze and uses it as a distraction - the guards leave their posts to see about the burning cow and Valentin is able to sneak into a side or back entrance. Below the estate, he finds a basement with a strange ancient book and a cryptic/scary-looking statue.

Instead of taking the book directly back to the gang boss, Valentin decides to bring the book to Bartleby. There he meets up with Bartleby and an unconscious Manon on the couch, who is fighting off a fever caused by his wounds.

In the meanwhile I remember that Bartleby had snuck into the Sorbonne Press after hours looking for more info on the sale of the estate and found information out about the seal on this gold signet ring everyone had become aquatinted with. Monsieur Toussaint also mentioned misplacing his ring.

Its been a couple months and this is all I can remember of this session. More to come…


Thank you for indulging me, sir. And I’m relieved to hear that you’re well again.


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