[Rules Clarification]: Cleaning The Slate

Hi Guys!!

Ok, great game, romantic, heroic and a lot of fun to read.
Very precise text, rigorous and easy to reference to.

BUT! english is not my language, and, after searching (I swear!!) every corner of the forum, I must ask you what does this mean, exactly:

PAG: 228, Clean The Slate, 2nd par.

If an ability or skill’s maximum rating is reduced
due to depletion, Injury or Sickness, its tests for
advancement for the current rating are erased.

It’s quite simple, but still, I can’t figure out if I must LOSE every check I have in case of reduction, or just the difference, or whatnot.
Thank you for your help

You lose all the tests for advancement if an ability or skill’s maximum rating is reduced.

But only if the maximum rating is permanently reduced, not just if you take a condition or it’s Taxed.

So if your Nature is Taxed, keep your tests, but if the max rating drops, THEN you erase them.

Same thing for Injured, that’s only a penalty to your rolls, not a reduction in maximum rating.

This in the MG forum. Do you want to modify your answer to reflect the Mouse Guard rules so there’s no confusion?


Fixed. I can read headings, really.

Ok, so how can the maximum rating be reduced by Injury or Sickness? They give -1D as far as I can see.

Check out the rules for recovering from Injury and Sickness.

If the character (or someone healing the character) fails their recovery roll when recovering from Injury or Sickness, they STILL recover, but the cost of failure is that one of the injured/sick character’s skills or attributes is permanently lowered.

The rule that you’re asking about, combined with the recovery rules, basically says (in total):

“If a character fails their recovery check for Injury or Sickness, they still recover from that condition, but one of the abilities or skills on their sheet is permanently lowered by one. If that happens, any “pass/fail” checks that had been accumulated for advancing that ‘damaged’ skill or ability are lost.”

Hope that helps.

Oh, yeah, it helps. Just getting lost in the book. You know, it’s quite a pleasure :slight_smile: