[RULES] - Multiple Teams and Helping Dice

Multiple Teams and Helping Dice
Sorry yet another thread on the topic, but with a difficult slant.

I’ve played and enjoyed Mouse Guard tremendously, but I’m rather underwhelmed by the helping aspects in conflicts.

The Example
Lets say two teams of mice are both performing an attack action against a single target. Say negotiating a deal with a uppity city Major. Lets assume this action is some form of versus action.

In MouseGuard one team (typically the one with the highest dice-pool) would take primary action then be granted a single helping dice from the other team. Yes?

This seems to me to be rather rejecting the other team. Particularly if they’ve got an equally ‘cool’ plan/approach to act out. Woudn’t the natural way be to allow both teams to roll their respective dice-pools then go with the TEAM that rolls highest?

  1. Only one team will generate disposition loss.
  2. The highest roll ‘counts’

It seems to me that this would have a much better dynamic around the table for two reasons:
a) Empowerment: Both teams and ALL players get to ‘roll’, participate and contribute.
b) Competition: A healthy amount of inter-player competition goes a long way to keep players focused.
What have I broken? Mouse Guard setting and premise perhaps?