Rules question about team mate help during conflicts.

I’m slightly puzzled about helping die from teammates during a conflict. I’m sure it’s somewhere in the book but I can’t find anything.

So here’s the deal. There are 3 mice to this team. And their actions go a normal.

  1. But can another teammate give a helping die to another attacking teammate even after he has gone? The book says you can help teammates but I just figured with wises only. But I must be clear on this. So please explain. :slight_smile:

  2. If the whole team picked the same action, would it give them all a +1 bonus?


  1. Yes, even if it’s not your turn, if you have the skill or an appropriate wise, you can help. And if you can narrate your help, of course.

  2. I do not understand this question.

1st question. Thanks Luke, I was almost sure it does. I’ve practically read every thread on the forum. Unfortunately some of it is starting to mush together. :frowning:

Oops. I’ll try and rephrase question 2. If all 3 players chose attack or just even 2 players choosing the same action during the combat phase. Would they get an additional bonus for working together on top of the helping die. Or am I just confusing this with the multi-team combat helping die thingy.


The individuals in a team take turns acting regardless of the actions choose, and they can help each other when it’s not their turn.

If two teams choose the same action in the same turn, one team helps the other.

Thanks Noclue! :slight_smile:

They can’t.

If team A is Don, Jon, and Con, they produce ONE script.

EG: Script of 3 Attacks (not very bright)
Action 1: Don Attacks, Don & con help him or do nothing
Action 2: Con attacks; Don & Jon help Con or do nothing
Action 3: Jon attacks; Don & Con help Jon or do nothing.
Next Turn
Action 1: can’t be Jon… because Jon just went. so Either Con or Don… the other two help or do nothing.