Rules Questions!

First-time Superuser Kassidy, reporting in!

Last night, the 8675309 MRCZ (Or the Jennies, to the retro-hip) moved into their brand spankin’ new Tier 1 home… an old metal cargo container shared with the H3LL@RADD@RG0NZ, a bunch of hoarders who haven’t quite figured out gifting things to others yet. The Jennies’ first trials on the Donut revolved around making their new housemates a little more bearable by throwing a party for them.

Our first questions came up with our first challenge:

  1. Negotiation! If two groups are involved in a Contract, does each member receive 5 Flow upon completion of the Contract, or must there be a designated recipient, or can the Flow be divided between the constituent members?
  2. If a Contract involves a concession, does that 5 Flow can be received on each side of the contract? If yes, does that mean that a level 3 success (no concession) would mean no Flow benefit for one side, right?
  3. Is this a valid result of a Negotiation? “The D@RG0NZ agree to give you the components to make a disco ball for them. They’re not giving you the components as Gifts, and they won’t accept the disco ball as a gift - you’re just taking junk they have around and making a thing out of it for the party.” Would it instead have been more rules-appropriate for the result to have been: “The D@RG0NZ will Gift you these two pieces of Tech that could be made into a disco ball. Once you’ve made it, you can Gift it to them.” (Looking at it now, I feel like I should have done the second. I mean, those greedy D@RG0NZ would net so much Flow!)
  4. If I have an Interface with a relevant Experience tag, does that single Interface grant me Error Correction for the entire conflict (so long as it’s not burnt out), or just for one action?
  5. When drawing the first two cards to determine the ability to use in a Conflict, let’s say I draw Geneline and Freemarket, but I don’t have a relevant Geneline to use. Do I get to choose Experience like I would if I’d drawn no Geneline or Experience cards?

By the end of the session, the Jennies had cobbled together a… well, nominally a Disco Ball (Ghosting, Annoying, Memorable) out of a glass mirror and an old swiveling security camera. Then they did some skillful Thin-Slicing to get the word out about the party. Next session we’ll see what happens when five MRCZs and a gaggle of unaffiliated nobodies get together in a cargo container with an obnoxious disco ball that makes it hard to keep track of who’s going where and doing what. Hoo boy.

  1. Individuals enter into a contract, not groups. So it’s 5 to person A and 5 to person B upon the meeting of terms.
  2. Concessions don’t affect how much a contract is worth in flow upon completion. It just affects the terms of the contract.
  3. Contract: “You will recycle components from the D@RG0NZ into a disco ball.” You can’t contract away basic station tenants like Gifting.
  4. Entire conflict.
  5. You activate after drawing. It doesn’t have to be a card you drew, just choose. You might get lucky on your next draw.

Rad! Thanks for the answers.

I don’t think gifting is some formal process. If someone gives you something, it’s a gift, and flow flows.

I mean, why wouldn’t you gift and then gift back? Everyone gets more out of it. That’s better for the flowconomy.

No re-gifting.

The Aggregate knows all. As long as that first gift exists, Aggie knows who gifted it.