i really really like the concept of an Runecaster Dwarf, but i don’t get the mechanics (or at least i think i don’t)
Could you give me an example on how it really works and how i use that in game. To me it seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s take this characters beliefs for example,

“Diego is an ass and i will kill him”
“The Elfs are our allies and i will never anger them”
“To further our power i will make my daughter merry Baron Blackstaff”

i use runecasting “on him”, what does happen/what can i do and what do i do then?

Could you also talk to me about the Slave to Fate trait?

My understanding of it is this, you test Rune Casting at whatever obstacle the GM sets if you fail than the standard rules for failure apply if you succeed then you see that characters beliefs and make a prophecy about one of them coming true (Diego will die your hand, your daughter will marry the Baron and their child will ascend to further power, etc.), in order for this prophecy to come true you then change one of your beliefs to one relating to the prophecy (I will help “Character” kill Diego, I will see to it that The Baron meets “Character’s” Daughter, etc.), when the prophecy is fulfilled then the character whose fate you foretold gains a deeds point.

The Slave to Fate trait seems to let the character see other ways a situation could have gone, he knows what would have happened if he had convinced the king not to go to war and now is tormented by the fact that he couldn’t do so.

This is my understanding and it may well be wrong.