Running at BE mini-series

Hey all,

I’d like to run a short mini-series of Burning Empires set at the very end of invasion as a warm up for running a full campaign. My goal is to get people familiar with the system and setting on a world that is doomed (disposition will be heavily weighted against the humans). I’m going to set up the world, burn the characters and handle the game similar to the way I would a con game, where I have everything prepared, shove the humans into an impossible situation and watch them struggle till the bitter end.

Any suggestions (or forum posts that already exist) for setting up a game to run maybe 3-5 sessions that will play out the end of a campaign?

Thanks all.

Unfortunately, I can’t help concerning the end of campaign aspect (though I find it’s an excellent way to introduce BE to players, far better than OMAC in my opinion)
If you need input, advice or whatever that could help - once you’ve started writing- please ask !
And please share your mini-series if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Why not just go whole hog and give them an Infiltration Phase game? I did EXACTLY that with players new to both Burning games and Burning Empires in particular. Sent them the Face of Collapse .pdf and the many, many forms. Then we sat down and created the world together, then characters (though, if I did this again, I’d do it myself for the players who’ve no tolerance for long character creation).

The reason I say this is because investment is key for BE to work, and if they don’t build the world, at least partially, then they won’t be as invested. But even more than that, if they don’t chose their ENEMIES, they won’t be invested.

Your game, naturally, just my 2 cents. But I found that the pre-game discussion really set the tone for everything else. Even though they were newbies. Just do what the book suggests, i.e., the first few sessions are “light” without all the bells and whistles. Worked for my group…