Running my first BE - Questions abound!

Hi folks, I’m running BE for the first time in a few weeks, so I’m knee deep in the book and trying to remind myself how the rules work. (It’s been a while since I played.) That means I have questions! Can anyone help out?

  1. Go to Ground says it works against Verses maneuvers (Assess, Take Action, Inundate, or Flak) but does nothing against another Go to Ground or Conserve. What about Gambit and Pin? Is Go to Ground wasted against those as well?

  2. If a player chooses not to play a FoN, can his character still be used as a featured figure in a Phase?

  3. Has anyone ever decreased starting Disposition to make shorter Phases?

Gambit and Pin are also independent, to GtG doesn’t work.

  1. No. you can’t make the roll for the phase unless you’re an FoN.

  2. My phases are plenty short. If you want to accelerate the game, encourage the players to take more LPs for their characters.

Maybe you want to play just one Face for now.

Re #3: The way we made the 3-day sprint (full phase in 3 days of play) work at the 10/10/10 con was mostly a) more lps like Luke said and b) always, always pushing for two maneuvers per session.

The higher LP count meant bigger die pools for the maneuvers and, at least early on, bigger artha pools for the bad guys. The back-to-back maneuvers was somewhat practical (2x the # of maneuver rolls) but IMO mostly psychological. The game feels fast, maybe even rushed, when you’re really pushing hard to get to both rolls in an evening.