Having recently finished a session which featured Rustleaf as a place of duty and festivity, I wanted to write up some thoughts on how the settlement fits into the territories. I’ve tried to include a little bit of oddity in my description. To me, Rustleaf stands out as an odd place, yet becomes a center of mouse culture once each year.

Rustleaf is an inland walk from the coastline of Darkwater Bay. It lies on the north side of the bay near an inward curving harbor often called Otter Beach. There is an extensive hardwood forest surrounding the settlement which changes color in Autumn–from this spectacle the settlement earned its name.

Rustleaf hosts a Provost Marshal who is appointed by a town council. The town council of five mice is elected by the remaining posterity of the founding families; when mice carry lineage from more than one line, there are disputes over where their votes may be counted. Those mice without a familial link to the founding families cannot vote. The town council appoints the Provost Marshal to act as a leader in civil and martial matters. Primary functions include leadership of the Rustleaf Rangers, headmaster of Rustleaf Academy, and Master of Morton Harvest celebrations.

Village; however, during Autumn, Rustleaf swells with visiting pilgrims to metropolis size

Major Trades
Primary trade is hospitality to visiting mice during Autumn. Other major trades include boatcrafting, carpentry, and harvestry.

Rustleaf must import large quantities of food stuffs especially in preparation for Autumn festivities; also of import are tools, hardware, and home goods. A less savory import is that Rustleaf must bring in young mice to marry into the dwindling remnants of the founding families.

Rustleaf exports all manner of leaf-made products such as books, bags, boats, baskets, boxes, clothing, tents, tarps, and umbrellas. A lesser known export of Rustleaf is otter fur, coats, and caps.