After seeing the “Pagentry & Attire” pages in the back of the hardcover Winter 1152 book I have been fascinated with the Sandmason town/territory. Maybe we could brain-storm some details for Sandmason in this thread and add some depth to the concept?

Here is my take on it:


Located between Mapleharbor and Burl, Sandmason is best known for its sizable glassworks and the quality of its exports throughout the Eastern Territories.

Location / Structure

Sandmason is a subterranean town built into a sand dune that consists of several levels connected by tunnels. Each level has its own distinction such as “residential”, “commercial”, and “resource receiving” just to name a few. A large portion of the tunnels are easily collapsible and are accompanied by adjacent safety tunnels as a means of defense.




Sandmason is managed by the Glaziers Guild as it regulates the chief economic export for the town. The Guild oversees the trading with other cities and elects a handful of constables who handle the day to day activities within the town. All Glazier Guild members carry a guild badge that acts as a symbol of office.

Major Trades

Anything glass-related from the simplest jar to the most extravagant stained glass window can be traced to Sandmason in some way. Glaziers, Merchantmice, and laborers all play their part. There is also a small community of mice dedicated to science that reside within Sandmason, selling their expertise to the Glaziers Guild where needed.


Sandmason imports a great deal of grain and food, along with the raw materials necessary to run the Glaziers Guild at maximum efficiency. Exports are largely glass-related goods, but some quality work in chemistry and mathematics comes from the scientific community as well.


Guardmice from Sandmason may select from the following:

Skills: Glazier, Scientist, Haggler

Traits: Steady Paw, Hard Worker

This is actually quite a bit like what I was planning for Sandmason… I rather like it.

The math thing was a nice touch. Often when building game worlds science is forgotten amongst all physical stuff whilst i our real world some places (and persons residing there) were famous for for example rethorics or philosophy and the like and those who could afford it sought to get their children to study for those or at least visit those places for a while as part of their upbringing/education. Or at least this was true for ancient mediterranean cultures. Maybe The Mouse Territories’ version of Archimedes lives here?