Satchels, Who Uses Them?

Torchbearer is full of hard choices. No where is his more immediately appearant than inventory slots. As a human warrior I assume most characters will want their leather armor. This leaves two slots left open. Not a backpack takes two slots, but also counts as a factor in fighting and dungeoneering tests. In some cases it may be possible to toss them on the ground and pick them up later… But that seems like an easy way to lose your entire kit.

If you consider using a satchel instead you no longer have to worry about the backpack factor (as I will now call it), but you lose out on at least a single slot (if not more). You could wear a rope for a slot and a satchel. Since the rope is easier to wear than to pack (which takes 2 slots) you only lose a single slot in the exchange. Not bad. Similarly a cloak can fill the same space as a rope (easier to wear than pack).

How many of you chose to use a satchel? When and why do chose to?

Satchels forever, Backpacks never. If you’re a halfling, thief or roden, use a satchel and take that class’ “extra slots” benefit if you need more space to carry stuff.

Our thief had a satchel, so my Dwarf grabbed a pack so we could haul more gear in and treasure out.

My Ranger distrusts backpacks.

Our GM loves to go after equipment – dropping the backpack is just asking for a twist if there’s any compromise at all.

The extra slot that is left open regularly features a quiver, cloak, or armor, such as my fortunes allow.