Saturday Night at the POST OFFICE!

Thrill to the adventures of fearless self-publishing!

Saturday Night at the Post Office!!

The Apocalypse has come! The Doomsday Machine, aptly and appropriately named “THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE,” has churned through the warrens of the self-publisher. It’s ugly cardboard treads demanding to be fed!

Belching and smoking, the Doomsday Machine spat back the self-publisher’s offerings! Mocking his futile attempts to placate it!

But at last the self publisher has decoded the mysteries of ages past and fed the beast in cyphered measures and encrypted rations! The Doomsday Machine devoured the offerings now and is placated! The Apocalypse has past!

Welcome to the post apocalypse.

All regular preorders, domestic and international, have been dispatched. We shall see if they take. Personally, I think they’ll be spat back at me, but we shall see.

Illustrated Preorders go out the 28th ish.
Regular sales go up on Monday!

YES! :smiley:

sorry you spent the night at the USPS - we missed you downtown.
let’s hang soon,

Damn it I wish I had the money to order one from the regular sales.

And be thankful you don’t have to deal with Canada Post. Rolling my eyes to fully convey the depths of their incompetence would blind me.

So, how many sold to date (regular pre-order, illustrated pre-order, GenCon sales)? It looked like you were doing very well at GenCon, from the stats I saw.

YES! :D[/quote]