Scene Economy Cards

I made Scene Economy Cards for our BE game. They worked even better than I had hoped! You just print the file double-sided, cut them up, each player gets four cards (one of each), and the GM gets all the GM cards. Players can’t play both their Conflict and Building cards, so they’ll be left with at least one card at the end of the Maneuver.

Here’s a pic of how we used them in play to keep track of the scenes. Next time I’m going to lay them out in rows of five, but you get the idea.


awesome !
I may give them a try, we’ve just started a BE : Dune game recently.

Neat idea! But why not just print building and conflict back to back?



Ohnoes! Did I overlook something? :-/

I see the backs are decorated…is that important?

I think that was Scott’s way of agreeing with you.

Yes, definitely. The backs aren’t important and I would’ve definitely gone double-sided on the Building/Conflict if I had thought of it. May correct it in the future if I need to reprint.

Oh oh oh.

I get the facepalm from the wife about 1x/week and so I guess I’m just conditioned for uh…​introspection.