Scene Economy Questions

Hello Again,

A question was raised over how scene’s get owned. The general question is: Can you initiate a Conflict/Building scene but have someone else do the “heavy lifting” with the rolling.

For example can Player A initiate a Firefight but have Player B make the Unit rolls thus preserving Player B’s Building Scene because Player A started the Conflict.

Similarly can Player A start a Building Scene but have Player B make the rolls?



On a building scene, no. You must make the rolls in your builder. Of course, you and another player could take joint building scenes if you needed to pass a lot of help back and forth…

We often make only two rolls in our builders, if we know that someone else has a related builder coming up that we want to help with. Then we use the last roll for a linked test in another scene.

For conflict scenes, it’s more of a judgement call. I’d say no to a Duel of Wits. There are group Duels, sure, but usually they’re spearheaded by one person with Help from the rest. For a Firefight, I think the initiator definitely has to roll dispo, but anyone can make unit rolls. However, there must be something in the fiction to explain a) why it’s Player 1’s firefight at all if Player 2 is commanding the troops, and b) why Player 2 is making these unit rolls if it’s Player 1’s firefight.

If they’re allies and Player 1 initiates the firefight by deploying his landwehr command to resist the Vaylen push towards a neighboring valley, at which point Player 2 rolls out his grav-mobile Anvil platoon to assist, then you can make the argument: P1 rolls contact and dispo and some unit tests (suppressive fire and the like) while P2’s troops form the maneuver element and roll all the Advances, Flanks, and so forth.

If they’re buddies and P1, the smuggler, has a scene left, which he uses to start a firefight for his buddy the Anvil Lord? Hell no.

The basic test: Is this good-faith military cooperation, or is it an attempt to transfer a scene from one player to another?