Scene Intents

I’m playing my first BE game right now, and we’ve just completed our first Maneuver (we’re in Infiltration right now, playing the Humans, in a rather totalitarian world). I’m considering what I want to do with my scenes for the next Maneuver.

I’ve got a number of ideas, including setting up a group called the Youth Patriots. The problem is that I’m not really sure how to do it, or what the (mechanical) benefit would be- I’m thinking a simple Administration or Bureaucracy roll should cover creating it, but I’m wondering if I’m shooting myself in the foot by not directly maneuvering against the opposition.

you don’t have to ‘directly’ maneuver against the opposition in your scenes. that is what the infection mechanics are for. to set up a group called the Youth Patriots, you’ll need to make a circles test (p.346) to find a ‘youth/gang leader’ (i dunno what your world’s factions are, but a commune professional soldier or an outcast ‘insurrectionist’ would be good choices), then a resource test to ‘buy in’ (p. 355) to it as an affiliation. don’t know what your resources or circles are, but your first building roll might be smart to test a youth-wise, accounting, or something of the kind to give yourself a bonus die to either your circles or resources test.

remember, in your building scene, you get three dice rolls. get help from the other players, and maybe you’ll end up makeing the infection roll.