Scene Mechanics

Well my Burning Empires game got off to a flying start last night. We finished off some of the fiddly character bits, went over the world once more and dived into the game after setting the scenes and background fluff.

We had some colour scenes, some interstitials and some great role playing. The mechanics for all this seemed quite daunting at first and on the way to the game I was reading and re-reading the relevant section in the rulebook on the train!

Couple of points have arisen which I think I know how to proceed but it never hurts to get someone else’s opinion.

My gangland boss player was part of another players interstitial. The result of this was the gangland boss sent out his No 2 out to gather information on the factions (the players are conducting an Assess manoeuvre). I am thinking that this would be a building scene for the Gangland player, not a colour scene.

Later on in the evening the same player is offered a contract by one of the Vaylen FoN to help smuggle some stuff past the Hammer Lords fleets and customs. The merchandise is a bucket load of worms. On this one I am thinking that this counts as a building scene for the Vaylen character and that the gangland boss player will add help to the roll to enable the merchandise to be smuggled past.

As usual any input gratefully received!

Oh, and the writeups will follow soon I promise.

There’s an easy way to tell if a scene is a building scene or not: Did you roll dice? If not, it’s an interstitial or color scene. So if your 2ic rolled to gather that information, it’s a builder, otherwise just an interstitial. If you rolled to negotiate the contract, builder, if you just did it to get your characters on the same page and scare the players, interstitial.