Scent Border - Ob


simple question:

Pouring the Scent Border from Pebblebrock down to Elmoss, half of the western border: What kind of Scientist Ob do i use? Do i have to make them pathfind the way too? I kind of don’t want to…

Harmful Chemistry. For such a long distance, making it a complex Obstacle with Pathfinder and Scientist both required is probably smart.

I’m not sure i want to have the pathfinder extra in there, it certainly makes sense.

Right now the obstacles are:

  1. Wilderness
    1.1 Scientist check for the scent border -> fail, run into some weasels with prisoners
    1.2 Oh no! The pushcart for the border is destroyed, make a carpenter check -> fail, make a Laborer check or get a condition

  2. Animal

They later have to pathfind to get to Elmoss or wherever they want to go, i am not sure that Pathfinder is strictly needed but i will think about it