Science? Really, what can you do with it?

I am reading Fall 1152 and have read the Mouse Guard RPG and it is not really clear what Scientist is used for. What can scientists build/invent? Is it basically a plot device skill?
I need concrete examples not just “harmful or helpful”.

In the Mouse Guard game I ran Science came up a lot.

  1. Part of the story involved a weasel plot to steal the scent border formula. One of the players made a Science roll to re-invent it.

  2. Another part of the game involved a player brewing a poison which is Chemical-Harmful.

There was at least a third time but I can’t recall what it was.


In one game, a player tried to make stink bombs from skunk musk. In another game, a different player tried to turn himself into a living stink bomb with skunk musk. He failed the test, so I had him succeed with the sick condition.

N.B. use less skunks in my games.

They can make medicines and healing elixirs for use as tools by Healers. They can design bridges and buildings and other things that can be built by Carpenters, Laborers and Stonemasons.

In one game, our Scientist designed a pump that got rid of the flood waters after a town was encased in snow, which melted with the warm weather.

They can design war machines and fortifications for use by Militarists. They can also create chemical compounds that can harm creatures or repel them.

Scientist can also be used to drive off animals too big to fight.

Thanks guys, that really helps.

We had a scientist help in a dam building conflict. Used it as the defensive skill, with carpentry as the offense, against the river’s nature of 6.