Greetings all. I’m about to begin playing my first real game of MG with my usual RPG playgroup and have some questions about character skills. We’ve done a few of the sample missions with pregens to get a feel for the game, but for this we’re going to be making up our own characters. Others in the group have the traditional bases covered - fighting, scouting, and such. I was thinking it would be fun to make a science oriented mouse, but was curious as to what practical uses that would help with during play. Any insight into how this type of character can be constructed and used would be greatly appreciated!


had this in my group!

science mouse is the key to our story atm,

his folks are keen scientists, but shut-ins, where as he has adventuring streak, so his folks called in a favour with the guard and got him under an experianced patrol leader to “knock the exploration” out of him

currently they have found an old recipe for a scent that will ATTRACT wolves… and working on wether this should be destroyed or should be used as a weapon should the weasel wars start again

there are alot of oppertunitys for science-y stuff, but also have the science mouse have a reason for his science, our groups jsut grew up with it, so cant comprehend anyone NOT having an amazing grasp on science

much to the rest of his patrols annoyance >_<