Scientist, archivist and supplies?

If a mouse has the scientist and archivist skills can he do the following during the player turn if he has three checks:

  1. Create a healing potion using scientist.
  2. Write a report detailing the procedure he used to make the healing potion using archivist.
  3. Create a healing potion using scientist and using the report “healing potion recipe” as supplies to get a +1D.

Same goes for cartographer and pathfinder. A mouse creates a map then the same mouse uses the map as supplies for path finding.

Scientist says you may use reports from archivist as supplies.
Pathfinder says you may use maps from cartographer as supplies.

The rule for supplies:
We assume that a crafts- or trademouse has the bare minimum supplies and tools needed to ply his craft. If another mouse can supply a crafts- or trademouse with tools or raw materials for his project, the craftmouse gains a +1D advantage to his roll to create. - Page 244

More specifically my question is can a mouse create supplies for himself?


Sure. The healing potion only grants +1D to the recovery of a predetermined condition. But why not create supplies for yourself? We had a mouse build himself snow shoes during a fall mission gone wrong. So conducting an experiment and taking detailed notes on it doesn’t seem out of line.

Thanks Luke, that’s great, I thought it would be a fun way to role play having a lab book.

I was a bit uncertain as the wording of supplies says “another mouse”. I just wasn’t sure if that other mouse was allowed to be the same mouse that was doing the test. :slight_smile:

I have two more questions :

Are Maps and Research notes supplies that are reusable? Unlike say herbs or healing potions. But are specific: a recipe for X can only help you make X, a map of Y can only help you navigate Y. (common sense, but this is the first Roleplaying game that uses common sense that I have ever played, so I’m still getting used to it)

Do you have any guide lines for gear? Especially when it comes to the more complex skills like armourer and scientist. You have a smith’s hammer is that enough to count as gear( and get the gear bonus) or do you need a forge? Do you need a cooking pot or an entire kitchen? etc


I’m pretty sure you need the gear that is suitable for the task. If you’re forging steel without a forge, you can’t.

I completely agree. But as a GM then there would be a lot of situations where the player can either craft something and get a gear bonus or not be able to craft something at all. Without a forge you can’t make steel, but with a forge you count as having gear.

I guess you can go on a case by case basis. Like everything in this game it all seems to come back to the players ability to roleplay. If he describes that he makes a simple forge out of fire wood and stones, and uses a nice flat stone as an anvil then I might let him make steel, but would not count I as gear due to it’s primitive nature. Would that be a sensible approach?


Very sensible, Anders.

Lol… best answer ever. Sig worthy even. :slight_smile:

I think the biggest challenge for people trying MG for the first time that come from a war-gaming background is learning to use common sense again (something that gets hammered out by other systems!).

Thanks for all the feedback, and making such a great game!