Scorpioncrabs live in deep water, and have a way of finding themselves in the packs of adventurers who fail their rolls to cross that deep water. They are surprisingly fast and aggressive!

I love how easy it is to make monsters in Torchbearer. I whipped this one up in a minute after a failed roll.

Order of Might: 1
Nature: 4
Scuttling, snapping, poisoning.

Flee: 9
Drive Off: 8
Kill: 4

Flee: Scuttling legs +1 Maneuver
Drive off/Kill: Claws +1D Attack, Stinger +1S Attack, Shell +1D Defend, Crabwalk +2D Maneuver

Instinct: Climb into adventurers packs when they’re not looking.

Special: Anyone who loses disposition to the scorpioncrab’s stinger gains the Sick condition.