Scripting and Extended Actions


I am reading through BWG right now and have a question about scripting extended actions, such as casting a spell or loading bow. My question is, can the character performing the extended action do anything else, such as avoid, or must the action be completed or aborted first? Thanks, and sorry for my noobness…

There is no real time in BW combat scripting; what you script is what you do, it can’t be changed once its written down. Therefore, when you opt to cast a spell of load a bow, you have to go through with it just like everyone else.

Everything I just said was wrong…

Changing an Action (pg. 456)
Players can change upcoming actions in the exchange.
First Rule: you cannot change an announced action.
Second Rule: To change an Action, you must forfeit an action. Actions can be forfeited or changed in any unannounced volley in the exchange. So if you have two actions in a volley you may lose one to change the other one. During the forfeited action, you are considered to be doing nothing.
There’s no forfeiting or Changing allowed in volley1. After volley 1 has been announced and played, you may forfeit and change in Volley 2 or 3.

There are some optional rules as well (it’s all in the Fight! chapter)

Hi Templar!

Only actions listed as ‘Tandem’ may be performed while taking other actions. Casting and knocking/drawing are not tandem actions.

That makes those activities dangerous and difficult in the middle of a fight. Some tactics that have been effective for my sorcerer:

  1. A war-trained mount is a nice option. It can avoid while you cast. Great as long as it doesn’t have to take a steel test! Archers would need Mounted Combat Training (Bow) to make use of this.

  2. Disengage and cast/draw before engaging again. Sorcerers can make use of the Coo d’Majie rules to hold the spell until back in the fray.

The other possible interpretation of your question is whether you can, say, Cast, Cast, Cast, Avoid, Cast in sequence. The answer is also no. You can’t stop casting a spell in the middle; that’s bad news. You can stop drawing a bow, but then you’ll have to start over.

Huh, I always thought they couldn’t be changed at all.

There we see the Larkin Starr in its natural habitat, bringing learning to the mind of the me. Also, in its natural habitat, teaching people the wrong things.

True, if the spell has already been started you run the risk of bad things happening as per Spell Interupt on page 511, basically you test at the fraction of the spell obstacle that was completed AND are subjected to the Failed Casting rules which begin on page 509.
So yes, you can drop a spell that is scripted for volleys that haven’t been announced yet. But it isn’t done without a certain amount of risk involved.
And to be clear, once you drop a spell you do not get to pick it back up from where it was dropped. If you want to cast it, you must start from the begining.
Which is why a wizard should carry a spell matrix.