Scripting tactics for polearms and other two-handed weapons in Fight?

In our current campaign I’ve found myself playing the group’s “heavy,” a former mamluk who does a lot of his talking with a beaked pole-axe. This is a bit outside the box for me mechanically, especially with the changes to how weapon length and positioning work in BWG – sword and shield (or sorcery) is more my comfort zone. Still, I’m curious about how to use this Swiss army knife of a weapon well, especially given the ability to shift weapon lengths while still having a good weapon to Strike with.

We’ve got our first big Fight coming up at the start of the next session, so I’d love to hear more experienced players’ thoughts on how to make the most of a polearm’s versatility and compensate for the lack of a shield. General advice is welcome, as is any specific commentary on how Rashid might overcome…

the guards of the corrupt merchant-prince, saber-wielding and lightly-armored, who outnumber us two to one but are little more than hired footmen?

a death artist’s nightmarish lieutenant, plate-armored and of Massive Stature, whose master’s grudge against noble Rashid ensures they will eventually fight one-on-one?

What’s his speed and weapon skills look like?

With the Beaked Pole Axe you get three different weapon lengths, Longer for Thrust, Long for Strike, and Short for Butt. (Plus Shortest if you have Brawling and need to throw in a kick or two).

Against Swordsmen or other “Long” weapons I like a Strike, Avoid, Strike, Avoid scripting as that first hit may set the tone of battle, and Avoid is better than Block against slightly skilled opponents who may gang up on you.
If you fear you may lose the engagement advantage just script the opposite way (Avoid, Strike, Avoid, Strike), then you can change weapon length to nullify the penalty for having a longer weapon.

Tactics when you’ve won positioning with a polearm are easy: Strike a lot.

It’s when you lose positioning, you have to fight with skill.
So if someone gets in close, don’t trade blows with them. Use Push, Beat and Counterstrike to push them back, regain advantage and wing them while you’re at it.

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