Scrying device. Your thoughts are much appreciated

So I decided to try my hand at theorycrafting some enchanted items, as one of my characters is working towards improving their repetoir of arcana, including, hopefully, learning enchanting.
Concept: Crystal Ball / Magic Mirror / Palantir / Scrying Pool - item that allows the user to perceive from afar, as though present.

Initially I was in doubt as to what would be the proper basic enchantment effect. Stuff like making a set of self-moving chess-pieces, a rope that turns into a snake, or a crystal ball that can show things that happens far away, didn’t seem to have an obvious category. I decided to go with Trait Transference. It means having to burn up a fitting trait, but that seemed to be the way, as far as I could tell.

Basic Enchantment Effect: Trait Transference - This sets the Obstacle at the point value of the trait.

Burning the Far-Seeing die trait: Additional/Unnatural Ability type - Base cost 3 points
Hipshooting the More Powerful modifier - add +2 to point cost
Hipshooting the Pain in the Ass Penalty - add +2 to the point cost

Far-Seeing comes out costing 7 points. It’s a pain in the ass trait, that allows the character to throw their perception beyond their normal limits, being able to see and hear things they normally couldn’t.

So the base Ob of the enchanting test to create the crystal ball is 7.

Target: The magical effect targets the wielder of the item. This doesn’t affect the Ob.

Internal Duration: The crystal ball’s enchantment lasts forever. This modifies the Ob by +4.

External Duration: The crystal ball allows for prolonged observation of whoever, whatever, or wherever the wielder wishes. The One conflict duration doesn’t modify the Ob.

Trigger: Verbal, somatic or conditional. The wielder must tell the crystal what they wish to be shown. This grants a +1D dice modifier to the enchantment test.

So, now that we’ve got that down, time for process:

Creating this item requires an Antecedent that fits the trait.
Identifying the trait is an Ob 3 Alchemy, Taxidermy or Aura Reading test.
Extracting the Antecedent requires an Ob 7 Alchemy or Taxidermy test.
If we get a proper vessel, and name it, we can get another +1D for our enchanting test. Let’s be flowery and call it The Godseye Crystal.
As the Antecedent we’re using is for a die trait, we net another +1D.
Add another +1D for our item requiring verbal components to use.
Base Ob is 11 (trait cost + lasting forever).
It would normally take 11 days to craft this item, but by working carefully we can extend it to 16-17 days and net another +1D.

So we’re ready to roll our Enchanting skill + FoRKs + Fictional Positioning + 4D (from above cited sources) + Artha vs Ob 11.

Succeed and we’re the proud creators of

The Godseye Crystal
Hook: “Concealed within his fortress, the lord of Mordor sees all. His gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth and flesh”
Powers: This crystal ball let’s the wielder observe anyone and anyplace, as though they were there, right now. All they need do, is tell the crystal what they wish to behold, and it will show it to them.
Antecedent: <something fictionally appropriate to the trait>
Thoughts? It’s my first attempt at theorycrafting an item from scratch.

But will it tell me who’s the fairest of them all?

I feel like that particular magic mirror is a spirit or creature bound into a mirror-prison. You don’t really use the mirror, rather you ask the creature living inside the mirror for its opinion.

No refunds!

  • How abstract can you be when telling the crystal “what they wish to behold”? There’s a spectrum from “the scene inside my bedroom” to “my General Maccaw, wherever he may be” to “the location of the fabled treasure of Rue, lost to history”.

  • Does the crystal grant you the ability to make a Perception test you otherwise could not like the trait would, or does it auto-succeed?

It would seem to me to be “Mage Sight” (with Miles Area of Effect abstraction) spell matrix and sustainer to me, but I don’t have the new books yet.