Seafaring, sailing or what?

Hi, I have a bunch of players who’ve made characters with nautical experience, including Captain and first mate, but we can’t identify amongst the various life paths any particular skill for sailing!
What are we missing?


Hi all,

Assuming Human characters, you need to look in the Seafaring Setting.

In the Sailor Lifepath the First Skill is Seafaring.



The lower ranking Seafaring LPs have all of those skills. The officers do not. If they became an officer by being a knight or something, they won’t have the skill.

A recent example of where the Captain does not know how to sail comes from the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass. She’s the Captain, no doubt, and an excellent Commander, but can’t tie a knot or helm the ship or anything.

The idea is that a ship is run by a crew using the Rigging, Seafaring, Carpentry, Pilot and Navigation skills.