Season's Goal in a Journey Conflict?

So, at the break of Spring, my group will be asked to travel to a weather-watching observatory that’s located to the South and East of Lockhaven. Spring rain will complicate the journey, as cold showers wash down over still-frozen ground, causing some degree of flooding. I think that a Journey Conflict would be great here. The book gives me all the information I need, but I can’t figure out what the Season’s Goal should be. It seems a little abstract, I guess; Spring’s goal is just to be Spring, after all. The rain doesn’t have a “goal”, other than to simply rain. I’m a little confused, to be honest, as to how I’m supposed to handle that. Any suggestions?

[edit] By the way, a Failed test, on the part of the players, will either result in the Tired condition, or a Weather-based Twist, in which Spring Rain becomes Spring Storms, and flooding becomes much more widespread.

If the mice are transporting something important (e.g. equipment, mail, food) to the observatory, the season’s goal could be to ruin the cargo.

Or Separate the mice. Or get them lost. Or block their way, forcing them to blaze a new trail. If you’re using a Conflict then the rain has a goal.

Edit: Or to drown one of the mice.