Seasons newbie: Factoring seasonal events


An absolutely newbie question:
In the text, under the Seasons chapter there are several examples of seasonal patterns (for example: Clear & Warm; Spring Snow, for Spring). Most, if not all, the text reads “[This pattern] can factor or is a factor into any/these [skill/ability] tests”, or something like that.
When using the obstacle itself, do I refer to the Factoring Obstacles rules? Are these to be used as twists, also?

I hope this was clear!


Factors increase the difficulty of overcoming obstacles.

Yes (sorry, I’m still not clear): but by a fixed amount or GM’s discretion (whatever number the GM thinks is appropiate for an obstacle)?

Bear with me, please:

The Patrol’s going thru a Spring rain, trying to get to the nearest city, creating a new route (use of a Pathfinder skill):

The obstacle total is thusly: 6
[b]Nearby city /b
[b]Blazing a new trail /b
[b]Spring rain /b*

*The Spring rain event always factors in as a +1 in the obstacle sum; right?

Do all the Season’s events like this one factor add +1 (akin to the Time, Night & Weather Factors rule - pg 232)?

Does this apply also to the Territories Obstacles’ suggestions (Forest, Lakes & Ponds, etc.), or are these to only be used as twists?

For some reason, every time I read the word factor in the rules & it’s not about an ability or skill, in my mind I tend to refer to the rules on page 232.

Kinda confusing, I hope you understand!


You’ve got it. Page 232 is where it’s at.

Whew. Thanks. For some reason, some game concepts & rules are confusing the heck outta me & given the “confrontational” nature of MG I totally wanna play the game unbalanced against the patrol - NOT!!! :rolleyes:

MG is like a fragile, magnificent thing,
hope you win
in the Origin!

Waxing poetic (lol)