seeking submissions for MG MISSION PACK

Greetings fellow MG fans! I was thinking that maybe I would create a FREE compilation of fan-created MG missions. If you PM me your missions, I will format them and compile them into a single document. Then I will figure out how to upload it for free access for GMs.

I am open to ideas and suggestions from anyone along the way.

I thought it would be nice to have an ongoing repository for fan created missions. Maybe this will be helpful for the community.

My english sucks, but here we come.

Here are two mini-missions I wrote:

Find the Missing Girl
Find the Traitor

I’ll take a look at them ASAP! Thanks

I like your missions. I appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness.

I’d also like to mention for future contributors that I’d like to put a variety of conflict and obstacle types in each mission pack. So, for example, in MISSION PACK 1 I’d like to have a major chase conflict, an argument conflict, a fight, and a military conflict, etc. My idea is to give GMs a wide variety of experiences to share with their players all in one series of missions. Ideally, if they played through all ten missions, the players would have experienced the full depth and breadth of what MG offers as a game.

Make sense?

One of my Missions, The Shipment, is described in this post

And here’s my other mission:

A Death inAppleloft – Spring 1153

Mission: Gwendolyn is worried about the death of an old friend and a strong supporter of the Guard, Mortimer.She had asked him to visit Appleloft to investigate ties to plots that were recently uncovered in Barkstone, without directly involving the Guard. Unfortunately, Mortimer has gone missing, supposedly killed by a raccoon while walking through the orchards after dark. Gwendolyn does not believe he would have been out alone after dark and wants the patrol to investigate. They are to escort the season’s last merchant caravan down to Appleloft.

GM’s Turn

GM’s turn starts with a Pathfinder test to chart a way that the carts and beetle drawn wagons can negotiate.


Wilderness: The Spring has been unseasonably warm, rivers and streams have been running high all season and the way is barred by thick, sticky mud. An Ob 5 (short journey, washed out) Pathfinder test is necessary to navigate to Appleloft.

Mice: Appleloft is a peaceful town nestled at the feet of a stand of apple trees. The mice here have erected rigging throughout the trees in order to harvest the apples,which they sell throughout the Territories. The people of Appleloft live in terror of a monster that hunts the night, rumored to be a hideous and cunning raccoon. An OB X scout test will reveal the coon tracks are a sham and lead the patrol to the fiendishly clever Tuk the Bandit, who is using parts of a raccoon carcass to terrorize the townsfolk and disrupt the apple harvest. Tuk has been working with elements inside the town council who want the Guard’s influence weakened in the Territories, so that prices will increase.

Tuk is holding Mortimer captive in a cellar.


Wilderness: If the Pathfinder test fails, the wagons become fouled in the mud, while the river is beginning to rise. This is a complex hazard:

[li]Carpenter to free the wheels (laborer can help)[/li][li]Persuader to get everyone pulling as a team (help with health or laborer to pull)[/li][li]Insectrist to keep the beetles in tow.[/li][/ul]

Animal: A failed Scout roll while searching near Appleloft will result in the patrol stumbling upon a pine snake (Nature 7). The Pine Snake will try to sneak up and eat one of the mice CONFLICT!

Thanks NoClue!

Also, please let me know how each of you would like to be credited? Would you prefer I use your real name or your MG forums userID?

Send me a pm if you want your real name and/or email address to be included.

James (NoClue),
I was inspired by your adventure and used the base of it to flesh out my second session. I’d already knew my players would be headed to Appleloft to deal with some bandits, but the Raccoon and Apple Harvest ideas snapped things into place for me.

In our session, the Raccoon wasn’t a corpse, but rather a captured raccoon with an elaborate control collar, made by some ingenious bandits. I had mistakenly deviated from the MG Adventure Formula and we had a slightly odd Players Turn as a result (still getting the hang of it!), however we ended on a nice Cliffhanger for next week’s GM’s Turn, starting with Bandits on one side, Players on another, a freed, confused, and possibly vengeful raccoon, and poor elderly Mortimer in the middle. The Guard will have to choose their Goals wisely for the impending Conflict!

Cool! I’m honored. Let me know how things go.

For various reasons, this project will not be happening in its original form. However , keep your eyes open for something…else!

The session last night went really well. The weather was set as an “oncoming heavy storm”, lots of wind and distant thunder. GM’s turn started with a quick Obs to calm and chase off the confused Raccoon (they succeeded using LoreMouse). Then we jumped into a Fight Conflict vs the two remaining Bandits (4 players on 2 bandits, split up into two 2v1 teams). If the players had failed to run off the Raccoon, they’d have had to fight the Raccoon on one team, and both Bandit NPCs on another.

It was a tough Conflict, they barely won, and managed to get Injured or Tired as a compromise. Next they found a Coded Letter in the pocket of one subdued bandit. They tested Will [Ob5] to decode it on the spot. They succeeded here as well, and managed to unravel the plot. In addition, the bandits had buried salt cubes under many of the trees in the Appleloft Orchard, the players found a map with X’s by certain trees. Having decoded the letter, they knew what that meant without extra investigation. The Coded Letter assigning the bandit’s job was signed with a “K”, the first letter of the Patrol Leader’s Enemy (tho he totally didn’t pick up on that)

It was at this point I turned it over to the Players Turn. Immediately one of my players, despite being Tired, organized the town to go out and remove the salt before storm & rain washed it all into the ground (this touched on her BIGs). Other players built a pillory to humiliate the bandits in front of the town (another BIG), one player healed his Injury, and the 4th player organized a Bake-Off between Rival Bakers in Appleloft (this hit all three of her BIGs).

This was only our 3rd session, but probably the best we’ve played yet. My players were very challenged, and tried to win at everything. As a result, no one opted to earn Checks by breaking ties or chancing Traits, even when reminded about how much they were seeking to accomplish during their Turn. So they entered the Players Turn with full Conditions and multiple Goals to accomplish, but only 1 Check each. Many of them will start the next session with Conditions and strained Nature, so I hope they’ll see the value in earning Checks going forward. However, considering how new we are to this game, I think it went really well.

That’s sweet! I’m glad things went well.

Great session report! Looks like you handled it all very well. Sounds like the players will have a much more challenging next session!

How has the mission pack been coming along?

It’s coming along nicely! I hope to be done and have it posted before Christmas. We will need that time to play test it too.