Self challenging beliefs

So one of my players has the following belief for next session:
“I need to defend Martin and myself better. To do that i need to get a bow.”

This belief is not overly dramatic in itself but works from a mechanical standpoint i think. I am however really exited to see this in play. Why?
Because the character really isn’t good equipped to get a bow. He has 0 Ressources and a bow is Ob3. So i am exited to see how he wants to get that money. Finding a boywer in the city they are in is also a Circles test and a boywer is streching his circles (he has corrupt village guard or something as a lifepath so that might be a connection. It is up for him to justify). Stealing a bow certainly is an option but the character got caught stealing before and nearly lost his hand so that might be not as enticing for him. Suddenly carrying a bow around with the makers mark will also be highly suspicious.

How do you deal with beliefs that are fairly mundane things but hard for the character to actually archive at the table? Any further tips on that?

To make it extra juicy i also came up with this series of events.

Emnity clause on that circles roll would actually be an elven boywer about to go on a journey to somewhere (haven’t decided yet) and she just doesn’t sell her bows to anyone. She could use a companion guard mule for her journey however and so the character can maybe join her and work for the bow like that.
This would mean to leave Martin and his goals however.

I am really exited to see how/if he gets that bow.

First session here is all about getting a bow. :slight_smile:

I’d look for ways that getting the bow to protect Martin might threaten the relationship with Martin. If you’re going to lure him away from Martin entirely, be sure you’ve got some stuff that’s equally grabby to lure him into.

He failed his circles roll and walked into the elf about to go and free some slaves and hunt the slave traders. He really wanted to go with him. Even went so far as to DoW the other character (he lost badly though). All in all this scene did what i wanted it to.