Selling Items: Whitesmiths

Yesterday, I was playing as a Dwarven Whitesmith. I had made some silver jewelry, and was looking to enchant them via the Magic Burner’s Rules. I noticed while looking at the White Metal Artifice skill in the character burner that it breifly mentioned being able to “Increase the value” of your item/items so that you could sell them.

How do you think one would go about selling these items? What rules would I use?

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Decide what the Resource Obstacle to buy an item would be. Halve that number. That is how many cash on hand dice you get from selling it.

Roll Circles to find a buyer?

That works. It really depressing that I didn’t think of that before. :frowning:

There’s also rolling merchant or orate to get buyers to find you… Hawking your wares, as it were.

And Conspicuous.

I can’t believe I overlooked that one. :cry:

Thanks All.