Selling Magic Items

Have I missed the rules on this? How much cash are they worth?

Pages 192-193 of the Magic Burner gives a few examples but mostly about purchasing either in game or in character burning.
I believe that a lot of it would depend upon what you have for sale, how common (or legal) it is within your game world, and if you can even find a buyer for the item in the first place.
Basically, use circles to find a buyer and haggling to set your price. Or if you’re the buyer circle/research where you can try to find the item in question and seek it out.
Note that some items could be used as a fund rather than selling them outright or used as collateral on a loan.

That seems to be a very complicated answer.

Most importantly, I think it will be mostly circling up someone who wants this thing (depending on the item).

That’s a bit like asking how much does a car cost?

Yeah, it’s about finding a buyer who will want the item in particular for a reasonable price. That will accordingly alter the Circles factors. Trying to get cash from selling a magic item is an adventure all unto its own!

Of course, you can set the obstacle by determining how many cash dice you think the item is worth. Your obstacle is double the cash dice.

On a side note, if your character is an enchanter there isn’t anything in the rules to keep him from using enchanting as his get a job skill thus selling his magical trinkets or creating other enchanted objects to pay the rent/recoup taxed resources.
All though your game world may not allow it.

I think it really depends on how rare magic items are in your game. In my world selling a magic weapon for what it is worth would be almost impossible, since it would bankrupt a kingdom. If your game is more like a DnD game, then it might only be worth 5d of cash or whatever. I think it really depends on your game. It is also going to depend on circles to find a buyer, haggling for price, and the item itself.

Remember, cash isn’t linear. 5D cash is a huge, huge pile of money. And then it vanishes. I’d be more inclined to give a smaller but longer-lasting Fund.

One thing to remember is that things have to be reasonable. An earth-shatteringly powerful magic item might be a hot commodity, but there’s an upper bound on cost. It might be worth a dozen kingdoms, but no one has a dozen kingdoms to sell. The auction tops off at what people can actually pay. And I’d argue that most BW-scale magic items are probably valuable but not that valuable. They’re useful and rare, sure, but there are no +5 flaming vorpal longswords. Things tend to be on a smaller scale, and it seems reasonable that the kingdom could debate outfitting another ship of the line or acquiring a snazzy new item. Sure, you can always build a ship, while this opportunity might not come around again, but c’mon, you know how useful a ship is.

Only just realised this was the wrong forum which explains some things. Whups!

Wrong forum or not, Thanks for the question it really helps me to think these things through.