Selling Magical Items

Hey folks, Oren here.

I was just wondering if anyone had any rules of thumb for how to sell magical items. While most of these items are crazy good, it’s also very possible an adventurer might find an item too high level for them to use, and decide that coin is more valuable than a long wait. If there are rules for how many dice of cash a magical item might fetch and I just missed them, a page number would be greatly appreciated.

This way lies madness.

There’s no rule in the book for magic item resale, and magic items have no listed purchasing obstacle, so it’s pretty much “GM Discretion”.

In my experience, when the party comes into a large amount of money it disappears relatively quickly without leaving permanent marks on the campaign. This is precisely because magic items are not available for purchase. Thus, you should feel comfortable offering a very large amount (16D? 20D?) of treasure. This will prevent players from expecting to buy magic items any time soon.

Of course, anyone capable of paying such a handsome fee is probably also capable of simply robbing the players and getting away with it. Don’t waste that opportunity for drama!

This is interesting. I have been using a 2D per level value for magic items. It hasn’t been an issue either way, but then again I’ve only had a handful of magic items total in all my games. I rather like the idea of offering a tremendous sum for magic items. Like you said, where there’s $$$ there’s bound to be drama.

As most NPCs aren’t murder hobos and don’t have levels, many items are useless to them and they’ll end up selling unwanted magic items to NPC adventurers, rangers, warriors, etc. I’m sure they’re nice people.

I believe that every thing can be sold. It’s setting the price that’s difficult.
Magic items should be priced as we would price unique items. And one should be very suspicious of what is given as a gift.