Seriously, Petersen Asked for No Rats or Cats.

hey yeah, where ARE the rats and the cats!?

Personally, I was surprised when I couldn’t find any mention of them. As soon as I laid eyes on the game in the store, I instictly knew that for the forseeable future my patrol would be fighting the insidious plots of Lord Rattigan and the Fat Cat! How come these have been left out of the game? Cats are the unquestioned arch nemesis’ of mice, while rats are their cousins.

Granted, maybe rats tend to stay closer to human cities than the wilderness of the English country-side, but still, at least cats are no strangers to the wild. I know my campaign will feature the big city rats leaving town for the summer to take charge of things in the Territories. In their mind, the mice are lowly country bumbkins who need to be taught how things go in the big city. The rats will be snobby, arrogant, hedonistic and sadistic, with a “rule-of-the-fittest” kind of mentality. The Mouse Guard are the Jedi, and Lord Rattigans rats will be the Sith!

I demand someone makes a web enhancement with stats pertaining to rats!

As per David Petersen’s request, the game contains no rats or cats.

You kinda sound like one of your rats. lol
No, I’m only jokeing…

Um, personally, I think Petersen wanted to stay away from being associated with other stuff. He wanted his mice to be very un disney cartoonish. He wanted to stay away from Redwall. I think he was going for a little bit of a Watership Down feel. He wanted there to be a sence of realism to the animals like they’re the ones liveing in our back yard. And yet, an other worldly like fantasy to them. Rats fighting mice has been done before. Most people would get bored seeing it again. And out in the wild, I doubt mice have to worry about cats all that often.
Anyway, that’s my simple opinion for all its worth.
I think I’ve seen some other people put up stats for both animals on the forums before. Try the hacks forum.
BTW, did you know the name Rattigan is from The Great Mouse Detective?

That’s odd. I could have sworn I posted a reply regarding the rats and cats, but it seems to have gone missing…

Anyway, while I don’t have the energy right now to re-write the entire post, I’d like to say that I too would like to see rats and in the game, and cats, and I’ll most assuradly be using them in my campaign. Can anyone say: Lord Rattigan?

Yeah, its in the Lockhaven forum as a new thread. We aren’t supposed to be reviving dead threads like we are right now. I’m supposeing Luke moved it there on perpose.

No problem, now some moderator can come set things straight. lol

Indeed. Maybe I lack imagination, but I tend to fill my games with kameo appearences from well known characters, either created by me and my group, or characters from other sources I know my players will be familiar with. Coincidentally, the Fat Cat is the arch villain from Chip’ N Dale’s Rescue Rangers. :slight_smile:

But includes a cat simile in the Graceful trait on 264.

Huh, that’s funny. I never even caught that.

No Rats and No Cats PERIOD! You lose the essence of the story if you pile in all this other stuff. And if you add them your playing the game WRONG!

My, now you’re starting to sound like a rat. Jking, no I totally agree with you, but if cats and rats float some peoples boat, let them do their thing.

MG Hack: The Cat and Rat Guard. No mice allowed!