Session Checklist ?


I’m new here, I’m French, and I’m going to start a MG game soon :smiley:

So I was reading the PDF and remembered this wiki page for Burning Wheel :

In the process of reading/learning MG RPG from the PDF, I started to write a similar checklist for it.

Questions :

  • Luke, Is it okay to collect all the “playflow” info from the book and put it here in the forum or on the wiki as a Session Checklist ?
  • If so, Is there anybody interested in a Session Checklist for MG ? I might need some help with my english skills (hello France :slight_smile: )



Can you give me an example?

Okay, here’s an exemple:

Players : Write Session Goals (p.XX)

GM : notes Session Goals

GM’s Turn (p.XX)… ends when :

*  Mission is completed ;
*  OR Patrol reaches a safe haven ;
*  OR during downtime in an Extended Mission.

Basically, I took the “Mission” chapter and made a list of all the game “steps” in a session.
I intend to use it as a reminder for my future game.

oh that sounds really helpful…


Let’s build it

  1. Settle in
  2. Recap
    2.1) Recapping player gets to regain 1 nature, gain skill experience mark, or lose one condition mark
  3. briefing
  4. write goals
  5. GM Turn
    5.1) narrate to Obstacle
    5.2) play through obstacle
    5.2.1) give trait checks as appropriate for Disadvantage uses of traits.
    5.3) impose results of obstacle
    5.3.1) use checks to get healing in GM Turn
    5.4) repeat 5.1-5.3 until obstacles all used or mission succeeds or fails
    5.5) Award extra check to each player
  6. Player turn begins
    6.1) Player with remaining checks goes; narrates until a roll is called for
    6.2) GM announces needed parts for roll
    6.3) Check is erased
    6.4) roll is made;
    6.5) player or gm narrates breifly the results of the roll
    6.6) go to 6.1 with different player
  7. Rewards
    7.1) Check goals
    7.2) check beliefs
    7.3) check instincts
    7.4) MVP vote
    7.5) Workhorse Vote
    7.6) Embodiment vote

What d’yall think?