Session length : rewards

In BWHQ playtesting, how did session length factor into the greater economy? We usually have around 3 hours. Yesterday we had 1 (very) long conflict, 1 short conflict, 4 other turns, something like 5 instinct rolls, 2 camps each with 1 test, more exploration without rolls than usual, and 0 towns. Obviously if our sessions were 1 hour apiece we’d get way too much fate/persona/prologue, and if they were 10 hours apiece there would be a distinct lack of artha.

Are we in normal range? Regardless, I’m curious - did you test with super-short or super-long sessions to see how the rewards cycles played out?

You’re looking good!
Our play time was roughly 3-4 hours per session.

Your instincts are correct. For a group of 4-5, playing for two hours can inflate the rewards economy. And as you noted, a 10-hour session is right out. You’ll murder your players. If you’re going to marathon, break around the 4 hour mark and do rewards!

Cool, thanks.

Also, I think what you accomplished is about right in line with my average sessions. In general, I find my players can make it through 4 rooms in a 3-hour session (this means something like 2 conflicts, a camp phase, and maybe 16-20 turns overall).