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So we have been building our world and my players have asked me a question i can’t answer well. Or know how to mechanically reflect.

We want to have a piece of gear that is culturally significant to the setting but is not a one off, think more Dune Crysknifes, Mazlan Deck of Dragons or GoT Maesters Chains, than Excalibur, Aladdin’s Lamp or The One Ring.

So the question is is it an Item that is reflected with maybe one or two traits? and based of the original item piece of gear.

For example a Deck of Dragons is a toolkit for sorcery - give it maybe a die trait for accuracy of divinity spells and equivalent of a character trait like ‘Horrible Truth’ that the players can get Artha from when using it and getting a result they don’t like?

Is there any kind of guidance for this I may have missed. Thanks

Traits are definitely the way to go. Allow me a bit of entertainment to share an example or two…

A crysknife is a personally-tuned blade ground from the crystal tooth of a sandworm, and is the formal and sacred weapon of the Fremen. It is a milk-white, double-edged curved knife, the blade about 20 centimeters long.

per Superior Quality Dagger

Crafted from the Worm’s Tooth
Each blade is crafted from a tooth of a great sandworm of Arrakis. The blade is set within a black handle. It is luminescent and gives off a faint glow.
Sacred Blade
If it is drawn, it may not be resheathed until it has drawn blood. Moreover, the blade is not allowed to be seen by those considered to be outsiders by the tribe; otherwise they must die by it or be “cleansed” in an elaborate ritual (Ob 3).
Unparalleled Sharpness
Add +2 VA to the weapon’s stats
Poisonous Bite
The tip of a crysknike is coated with an quick-acting, deadly poison residing where the nerve of the tooth used to be. Upon scoring a Mark hit that scores a wound, the target must pass an Ob 4 Forte test or suffer an additional Mortal Wound. Passing the test will still result in an additional Midi Wound.
Attuned to Its Master
The blade needs to be stored in proximity to the electrical field produced by its bearer or it will disintegrate. However, the blade may be treated (Alchemy Ob 4) so that it will not disintegrate and can be put into storage.

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A maester can be recognized by the chain he wears around his neck. It is a symbolic ornament earned by students of the Citadel with each link representing the mastery of a different subject. It is bestowed to a character with a Citadel Affiliation.

Constant Humility
The collar is intended to remind a maester of the realm he serves. The chains may never be removed even in sleep. It is considered a great shame for a maester to surrender his chain. Doing so earns the Maester exile from the Citadel and a 2D Infamous Reputation.
Recognized Mastery
Each link within the chain represents mastery of a single academic subject. A Reputation is granted depending on how many links are forged: 1-5 subject grants 1D; 6-10 subjects grant 2D; 11-15 subjects grant 3D.

Hey @PeterT this is amazing… thank you

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Great! I hope it inspires you and your group.

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