Setting up a Vaylen campaign

So I’m very new to the BW and the BE, but I’m about to start GMing a game of one or the other. Sometimes my friends and I really like to play more unusual or non-human characters, so I’m wondering if anyone has any advice for setting up a good game with Vaylen PCs. It seems like it would be pretty easy to have a powerful game with strong human characters and good Beliefs that players could understand for them. But Vaylen seem so completely alien, I have trouble imagining how to set up really potent Beliefs and a good driving situation on their end.

Any ideas, or as a new BE GM should I just insist on our first game being on the human side of the conflict?

I go with Human, 'cause BE is a big, deep pool to plunge into

But doing Vaylen is totally doable!

You’ll just have to spend some time with the Vaylen section of the book…and I imagine your group will have to spend some time fleshing it out a bit more and deciding what “XYZ” the book says means for your group.

Most of my Valyen PCs have beliefs that revolve around restoring their place in a clan or taking revenge for a past insult by another Vaylen.