Setting Up Shop

Hello friends,
This forum software and structure is still pretty new to us. And, given the speed at which G+ (and the whole internet) was collapsing, we wanted to get this forum set up for you sooner than later.

However, that means there are a lot of empty spaces and unfinished pieces. If you have a mind to fill in any holes (like forum purposes or missing categories or First! posts) you can post your suggestions for us here.


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I really miss the Crucible category with characters reviews and story Idea’s. So people can get inspiration


A LFG/LFM forum or at least a pinned thread would be nice.

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I mentioned this in the Torchbearer forum a bit, but I really think module discussions are useful (probably only for TB, though). In Paizo’s product discussion forums they had a nice system where each module had its own subforum, and so big common problems would get pinned and edge cases would come and go.

I’m not sure how that could work out with the structure you’ve got. Would it be possible to create a subcategory of Torchbearer that had sub-sub-categories for each module?

Single-thread discussions for each module is OK I guess, but what is best is buying Hand of the Pit, going into the Hand of the Pit forum and seeing what the community has deemed important. If you see “Monster X TPK’d my Party Help” as a pinned thread, you instantly learn something about GMing that module.

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There used to be a set of actual play post in the old forums where Luke wrote about his solo game with a friend. Is there a way to get those back?


I actually don’t like too many disparate sub forums with 2 or 3 threads in them. I use search to find specific topics.

There is also the administrative overhead of admins having to move misplaced threads around to consider.

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Discourse only lets us nest categories one level down, so no. We do have the Tavern category that’s meant for this kind of content. I’d start there and put a marker in your topic title for now. If there’s a lot of that kind of content, we may revisit the category structure in the future.

The terms of service seem to have placeholder terms in critical places up top. You may want to complete the form.

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I second the requests for the Crucible and LFG forums.

They’re just plain useful.

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