Shaahin (Human Magician)

Human Magician
Bustling Metropolis

Shaahin is a magical talented criminal from a city in the far east. After stealing from the head of a mayor criminal organization he had to flee far away. Now he has to rebuild a reputation.

Health 3
Will 5
Nature 4
Circle 1
Resources 0?

Arcanist 4
Lore Master 2
Scholar 1
Alchemist 2
Cartographer 2
Haggler 4
Criminal 4

Wizard’s Sight 1
Thoughtful 2
Loner 1

Criminal organization-wise 1

Nature Questions: Prepare for dark times, demand your right, hide inside walls
Circle Questions: Enemy Aazar (criminal) from Hometown

Wisdom of the Sages
Supernal Vision
Word of Binding

Belief: Magic and cunning are the weapons of the mighty.

Instinct: Always make easy money.

Goal: Build an underground guild that coordinates the crimes in the city.

Dagger (hand/carried 1)
Backpack (torso/worn 2)
Traveling Spell Book (pack 2)
Spell Supplies (pack 3)

Don’t need the Question mark on resources… See p. 13 of the pdf (Labeled p. 18), left Col., 1st paragraph.

A satchel only holds three items. Perhaps you meant to grab a backpack?

@Aramis: The 1st chapter mentions Resources from 1-10, maybe its 0-10 like the creation rule implies.

@luke: Did not find any information in the preview for that information. And the character sheet has Backpack/Satchel writen above the six slots. Thanks, I will adjust equipment later on.

The character sheet divides the six slots into “Backpack/Satchel” and “Backpack Only” by putting faded text on the slots themselves.

I did not print in best quality and did not see it until right now. Thanks!