Shade shift while Burning

So my group started with TB and played for a year, now we want to move into BW

We plan and porting our chars from TB and I struggle a lot with my dwarf

Though my question is, how worth is it to shade shift into grey while burning?

We use 4 LP’s, I was a fighter/craftsman and now I wanted to port that via

Born Artificer → Ardent → Hourneyman → Foot Soldier

Then throw points into the hammer (That we turned into axe), black-metal artificer, and add blacksmith, Armorer and weaponsmith via general and some other stuff that felt incompleate

With my 17 Physical and 9 (8+1 general) Mental I would go for a grey in will and agility but that would first of all pull down my att points a lot, making me a less viable fighter but better smith… but how usefull is that actually to pull my att down so much

Don’t shade-shift while burning up a 4-LP Dwarf. You just don’t have the points to make a credible character.


I’m also gonna suggest maybe starting with an extra LP, or maybe a year or so of practice time. I’m not super experienced with Torchbearer, but it’s common to start Burning Wheel characters with 4 LPs. If you all have been playing these characters for sometime, I would expect them to have a bit more veterancy…

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