Based on the D&D Basic Shadows. I wanted them to be frail but frightening.


Might: 2
Nature: 4
Descriptors: Hiding, ambushing, draining

Conflict dispositions
Flee 9
Trick 7
Drive Off 5
Kill 5
Banish/Abjure 3

Flee: Shadowstep +1D Attack
Drive Off/Kill: Shadowform +1D Maneuver
Trick: Maddening Whispers +1D Maneuver
Banish/Abjure: Soul remnant +1D Defend

Instinct: Always imitate my prey’s shadow.

Special rules: Shadows can only be killed in a kill conflict if the party has magic weapons, otherwise they reform. Shadows are immune to mind-affecting spells. Anyone that loses hit points to a shadow becomes Exhausted at the end of the conflict. If already Exhausted then Sick. If already Sick, then Dead and a new shadow is created.

Might want to add a test (Will Ob3?) before applying the conditions… or at least the Dead condition. Otherwise, I like the general format. Maybe add “insubstantial” as a defend weapon, or some other means of showing that normal weapons don’t hurt them (as much), as opposed to merely not killing them?

I’m following the format of the Banshee for the conditions:

That’s fair, just bear in mind that a Banshee is a much nastier critter. This layout probably works well for a single encounter, but ramps up quick if you’re planning a shadow-centric dungeon. Just my $0.02, of course!

My rationale here is that they’re Order of Might 2 with a lower nature so they’re not as brutal and it’s more likely for a PC to end a conflict with them without lost hit points, and unlike the Banshee they don’t gain the condition from the attack but rather at the end of the Conflict. So assuming no other conditions and no successful recovery rolls from camping between encounters, the PCs would require 3 separate conflicts with shadows in order to be killed/turned into shadows. The threat is there and the PCs need to worry about, but it’s not going to happen right away or to a PC who’s not already Exhausted and Sick.

Sounds good. Might help to tighten the wording on “loses hit points to a shadow” to make it clear that this is evaluated at the end of the conflict. I didn’t catch that.

“Anyone that loses hit points to a shadow becomes Exhausted at the end of the conflict.”

How would you suggest it be tightened up?

Edit: I really do appreciate the feedback, I’m just really not sure what’s unclear.

At the end of a conflict, anyone without all of their hit points who lost hit points to a Shadow during the conflict becomes Exhausted.

“Anyone who still has lost disposition at the end of the conflict becomes exhausted.”

I had previously read it that the onset of Exhausted was delayed, but that anyone hit during the conflict (even if later restored through a Defend) would be affected.

I’m cool with it. There’s no save vs the shadow’s attacks in the ur-text.