ShadowRun on Wheels

Hi everyone, I am new to the forums.
I have been enjoying Burning Wheels for a very long time; its interactive story, crunch but simple system makes me run all my games in that format. Recently I bought 5th edition of Shadowrun to dive into this amazing Cyberpunk world, just to realize that system is too tough to explain to a small group that I played with once a year. So I hacked it, re factor and compile the Shadowruns Atmosphere, Burning Wheel game mechanic and tiny mini Mouse Guard chunks to create an entire system which does not at all look like any system of its any parts. It is not complete, I don’t know how I come to that far, and there is more coming.

Sorry about my way of writing, as it may seem like only a deranged person can understand, but that it’s true.

If you have any questions, please fire. Also if anyone knows where else should I put this to get some constructive criticism.