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mouseguard #2 short one shot

“graveyard in the sky”

Have reports come in about earthquakes shaking the village endangering the mouse folk. Not directly sanctioned by Gwendolyn but we were all bored to tears anyways and can we really ignore the requests for the guards help?

On the way have to clear a path there is a wake of destruction in the way on your route to (haven’t decided where to do it yet) eventually mice find a large bird of prey is picking up bones and dropping them :bone: from extremely high hoping (to break them open and get to the marrow inside.) The people in the town upon finding out( a little bit later on(some distrust the guard and have taken to following and spying on you)) become petrified and are thinking of fleeing. Such a mass Exodus could alert the otherwise preoccupied vulture to their presence possibly making it think they are attacking!

  • Calm the townsmice or prepare for war ( militarist and or scientist mouse)
  • Use loremouse to convince the bird to go elsewhere move it along. Persuade.
  • repair damage after the war
  • Internal audit by guard court and Gwendolyn if cost of war was high.
  • Calm and persuade mice not to try to find ways to kill the bird (nearly impossible)
  • Add to persuade if the mice know of a particular spot with a lot of very jagged rocks (mountains to mice.) Not faraway (for the bird anyways.)
  • Add to persuade by drawing the vulture a little map with the largest monuments a mouse could possibly think of to guide it on its way
  • Vulture may decide to go but also wants a mouse guide to be carried to help tell it where to go.
  • Possible issue Ravens or turkey vultures follow to the spot and consider eating the mouse.
  • Thoughts such as the mouse knows where we congregate and could rally some kind of denizen army equip with traps.
  • Counter being the other mice know too so killing this one only guarantees that option.
  • Or Raven that don’t care particularly might say good at least they will all be in one place for good eating bring dinner straight to me no more hunting.
  • Is it really worth the effort?
  • They likely decide to let him/her go.
  • With the map they make Thier way back to town and thats it
    Also one of the players could have a journal or diary and take notes on how the communicated with the vulture to be put in the library for scholars I would make that a famous legend of the guard story for all young mice to read about. Even if a loremouse and scientist wanted to collaborate on it it could be both of them well known for that.
  • A short one shot for maybe when you have winter session on the same day or something

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